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Max's Phone: 858-204-3991

Email: bauerm92@yahoo.com

The following CLinics Are Drop in:

Jr. Beginner Players 8-12yrs (WEDNESDAYS 4-5pm)

Jr. Quickstart 5-7yrs (THURSDAYS 3:15pm-4:00pm)

Jr. Intermediate 8-14yrs (THURSDAYS 4:00pm-5:00pm)

ALl other clinics are considered “Invitation only” Please get in touch with max Bauer prior to first clinic.                 

Which clinic is right for my child?                          

QuickStart: Introduction to tennis for the youngest of players.  Quickstart is a relatively new format to help children learn to play tennis. To make it easier for them, we have adjusted the court size, racquet size, and use a special low pressurized red tennis ball.  Players are learning basic tennis technique and shots along with drills and games that improve their overall athleticism and coordination.   

Beginner Clinic: This is for players that have never played or are new to tennis.  These kids are still learning the basics in tennis technique and fundamentals.  They will learn the proper grips, modern strokes, and basic footwork.  Often, these players are not yet match ready and are developing the skills needed to hold a ten ball rally and/or having a reliable serve for matchplay.  

Intermediate Clinic: This is for players that have a good understanding of basic tennis technique, fundamentals, and concepts.  They can successfully hit both forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves on a consistent basis.  The intermediate players are beginning to play in matches and are learning basic tennis strategy when competing in singles and doubles.  These players can hold a ten ball rally from the baseline with another junior player and have a serve that is reliable in a match situation.  The clinic is generally of a competitive nature as junior players begin to challenge each other in various drills, games, and matches.

Team and Tournament Players: This class is for intermediate and advanced players that are playing in entry-level USTA tournaments or are interested in competing in Junior Team Tennis leagues on the SDTC Smashers team.  Please contact Max Bauer if you want more info on Junior Team Tennis.

High Performance: This is for advanced players that are consistently competing in USTA tournaments or play on a High School team.