02/13/18 ACTIVITY

  • GREAT NEWS! New Carpet For Our Clubhouse!
    Our new carpet will be installed this Friday in the clubhouse. Please plan your activities outside the clubhouse on Friday. Thank you for your support! 

  • Mark your calendars for 02/12/18, 2/19/18, and 2/21/18 we will have TWO league teams playing at HOME on these dates.  Thank you for your attention to the heavy court usage during this active league season. 
  • It has been brought to our attention that many of us are no longer using our land lines.  If you would prefer for the club to contact you by cell phone, please be sure to call the pro shop at 760-942-9725 or email;sandieguitotennisclub@gmail.com and update your information. We wouldalso like to add your USTA rating or player level to the next directory. Please be sure to let us know so others can reach out to invite you to play. Thank you in advance for your support in updating our directory.
  • Men's Beer Night 02/21/18
    Mark your calendars! Dave Rapp will set the foursomes for doubles play beginning at 6:00pm. Afterwhich the guys will meet in the clubhouse for pizza/burritos (the popular vote wins out) and beverages (guys bring one for themselves and one to share). There is an $8.00 per person fee to cover the cost of food. A sign up sheet will be posted next week at the club.
  • POKER NIGHT 03/02/18; 6:30pm
    Texas Hold’em Poker night, Friday, March 2, 2018. Sandwiches/chips at 6:30pm, poker at 7:00pm.
    This will be an elimination tournament style format, with a buy-in and add-on. Please email Phil
    Lambert at plambertins@gmail.com for details and to reserve a spot. All members and/or guests are
    invited. I would be available to have a tutorial for anyone that would like a refresher on Texas Hold’em so feel free to ask. Bring your own drinks.
  • Annual Shareholders Meeting 03/04/18
    The Annual Shareholder's meeting will be held on Sunday, 03/04/18, at 2:00pm in the clubhouse. Come and thank our Board of Director's; Dick Sanders, Joanne Marks and Bill Brick who will be stepping down from their past two years of contributions and dedication to our club. What a difference they have made! 
    Did you know that we have drop in clinics available? This is a great season for working out with the pros and improving your game. . . a new year - a new you! 

    Max Bauer offers a Monday evening Men's clinic from 6:00pm-7:30pm; $20.00 members/$25.00 non members.
    He also offers a Ladies' 3.5-4.0 clinic on Fridays from 11:00am-12:00pm; $20.00 members/$25.00 non members.
    Lastly, Max offers a clinic for the beginner through the 3.0 level on Friday beginning at 12:00pm-1:00pm; $20.00 members/$25.00 non members.

    These are all drop in clinics! No reservations are required. However if your interested in getting a price break and purchasing your clinics in bulk, Max will work with you. Ask him when you arrive (and before you pay). He accepts cash and checks only. Take that first step in making the most of your game in 2018, you won't be disappointed!!
  • Women's Pro Circuit Volunteer Information
    This information is being passed on by Sally Grauer with the approval of Dave Rapp:
There is a fun $25,000 women's pro tourney at Morgan Run and volunteers are needed.
Please contact Sue Whiteside if you are interested (or if you have
friends to come out to watch)....

*Sue Whiteside*
*Morgan Run Resort & Spa*
*Tennis Professional*
*858-442-6675 (M)*

It is that time of the year again, if you don’t already know Patrick
is the Tournament Director of a Women’s $25,000  USTA Pro Circuit
Tennis Tournament held at Morgan Run.  Past competitors include
Madison Keys, Cici Bellis and Coco Vandeweghe, just to name a few. In
order to continue the success of this tournament we need help
continuing to making this a first class tournament with volunteer
help.  Below is a short description of what we need.  There will be a
sign up sheet forthcoming with three-hour blocks of times to work.
When you are not scheduled we hope you hang out and see some of the
best up and coming players, of the game we all love.  The tournament
runs from February 18th –25th.  All sessions are free to the public
and matches start at 10am. If you have friends that are not members
but are interested in helping please pass this on to them as well.

Please print out the volunteer for and either send it back to me by
email or bring it into the shop.  When the tournament gets closer we
will have all the time slots posted.  Thank you in advance for your

Volunteer Job descriptions:

Player services desk will be where players come for a variety of
requests and information. This desk is where Sue Whiteside will be
located through out the event.  Players will ask for a variety of
information. Knowledge of the area including restaurants, theaters,
beaches and shopping areas is important. This position is like a
concierge desk.  If players ask for something that you are not sure
about, the Player Services Desk will have a radio to call for Patrick
or Sue and we will give you the best answer possible. Be prepared,
players are notorious for coming up with off the wall requests!

Court Attendant’s have two main jobs: 1) Making sure the player’s
needs are taken care of during their matches (water, Gatorade, towels,
ice, etc.) 2) During play, make sure spectators are not moving around,
talking on cell phones, or being disruptive.

This position will include directions on where to park as well as
driving the golf cart shuttle to transport visitors from the parking
lot to the tournament gate. Other responsibilities may include,
transporting tournament supplies from the main clubhouse to the
tournament site including balls, ice, water, etc.