06/12/18 Activity

  • Summer Tri-Level 3.5 Team Member Needed:
    Our San Dieguito Women's Summer Tri-Level team needs one more 3.5 player. Matches will be on Sundays at 2:00 pm, mostly south of us (we’re playing in the San Diego league). If you are a 3.5 level woman and would like to join the team, please call or email Sarah Becker: 760-462-6716, sarah@beckerz.com.
  • 06/15/18 - Texas Holdem'
    Hosted by Phil Lambert
    Poker night, Friday, June 15, 2018. Sandwiches/chips at 6:30pm, poker at 7:00pm. All members and/or guests are invited.
    This will be an elimination tournament style format, with a buy-in and add-on. 
    Bring your own drinks.

    Please email Phil Lambert at plambertins@gmail.com for details and to reserve a spot. 
  • 06/20/18 - Men's Beer Night
    Men's Beer Night will be held Wednesday, 6/20, beginning at 6:00pm. Our Director of Tennis, Dave Rapp will set the foursomes and organize food after doubles play.
    The men are encouraged to bring their craft beer of choice. . . one to share and one for himself.
    The cost to cover food is $8/per person. A sign up is posted at the club. 
  • 06/30/18 - Padres Night
    Organized through Jeanine Larson, thanks Jeanine!
  • Fall League sign ups come out July 2nd and will close for our club on July 16th. 
    SDTC has recently received several well intended suggestions for the enhancement of our club. 

    With this healthy momentum it has brought to light the need for a more clear guide of standard operating procedures in regards to potential club improvements.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines.  Thank you.

    Your Board of Directors,
    Mike Urcelay, Vinh Tran, Phil Lambert, Triva Bridges and Karl Kasai

    Standard Operating Procedure for Club Improvement Projects
     Step 1: Concept Petition:

  • Concept Petition shall be initiated and submitted by a SDTC Share Holder:  Current SDTC Board Members are excluded from initiating and submitting Concept Petition.
  • Describe, in writing, the proposed club improvement concept
  • Petition signed by at least 25 SDTC Share Holders including members on current rental contracts:  Current SDTC Board Members are excluded from signing Concept Petitions.
    • Petitions & Signatures shall be in a written, hard copy format which can be validated by SDTC Board of Directors
    • Information may be announced via official club email correspondence.
  • Submit to SDTC Board for consideration

    Step 2: SDTC Board of Directors Consideration:
  • Validate Concept Petition
  • SDTC Board shall vote on the proposed club improvement concept and the formation of a committee.
  • Upon a favorable review by the SDTC Board, a Committee will be formed and will include one SDTC Board Member.

    Step 3: Committee Report:
  • Must contain the following items: project decision criteria, minimum 3 estimates, implementation details including schedule, funding options, and financial impact assessment.
  • Committee shall agree by simple majority to take the project to SDTC Board for approval.

    Step 4: Approval Authorization:
  • SDTC Board of Directors to make final determination on next steps, be it approval, disapproval, request of additional information, initiate shareholder survey, or any other additional measures which may arise.
  • 07/01/18 Sunday Mixer - CANCELLED
    Unfortunately our hosts for our July mixer needed to cancel! As no one is available to host in July we will postpone our mixer this month and will look forward to our August mixer, hosted by Mitzi and Bill Brick.
  • July 9th - 13th Court Resurfacing
    We'll be resurfacing courts 5 and 6 the week of July 9th-13th. Thank you for your patience with our limited court availability this week as we continue to beautify our club.
  • 07/14/18 - Men's Member-Guest Tournament
    Hosted by Greg King
    Beginning 8:30am - 3:30pm
    Cost: $25/per person, includes a full day of organized men's doubles, round robin team play, a BBQ lunch, a free gift for all participants, awards, raffle prizes and a special exhibition match featuring our club pros, Max Bauer and Tole Marinkovic!

    If you would like to play, and your friends are already members of SDTC, please sign up and e will work on getting you a partner to play with. 

    Sign ups are now posted at the club!
    Additional questions? Contact Greg King, gregking55@aol.com.
  • 07/15/18 - Aviator's 
    Come out and cheer on the Aviators for their first 2018 match at La Costa! Our very own Taylor Fritz will be among the Aviators team playing. Pre party details to come.

    When: Sunday, July 15th, 6:00pm
    Cost: $38/per person; cash or checks payable to Dave Rapp. Sign up at the club, leaving payment in the pro shop drop box or in the pro shop. Please sign up by June 28th.