Proposed Concept Petition

Standard Operating Procedure for Club Improvement Projects
 Step 1: Concept Petition:

  • Concept Petition shall be initiated and submitted by a SDTC Share Holder:  Current SDTC Board Members are excluded from initiating and submitting Concept Petition.
  • Describe, in writing, the proposed club improvement concept
  • Petition signed by at least 25 SDTC Share Holders including members on current rental contracts:  Current SDTC Board Members are excluded from signing Concept Petitions.

Ø  Petitions & Signatures shall be in a written, hard copy format which can be validated by SDTC Board of Directors

Ø  Information may be announced via official club email correspondence.

  • Submit to SDTC Board for consideration

    Step 2: SDTC Board of Directors Consideration:
  • Validate Concept Petition
  • SDTC Board shall vote on the proposed club improvement concept and the formation of a committee.
  • Upon a favorable review by the SDTC Board, a Committee will be formed and will include one SDTC Board Member.

    Step 3: Committee Report:
  • Must contain the following items: project decision criteria, minimum 3 estimates, implementation details including schedule, funding options, and financial impact assessment.
  • Committee shall agree by simple majority to take the project to SDTC Board for approval.

    Step 4: Approval Authorization:
  • SDTC Board of Directors to make final determination on next steps, be it approval, disapproval, request of additional information, initiate shareholder survey, or any other additional measures which may arise.